John spent Xmas contemplating what to do, and on Jan 2nd boarded a coach for London intent on setting up a new band- 5 days later he was gigging with new band P.A.I.N. in the Archduke Charles in London- P.A.I.N. would also go on to become an infamous dub reggae punk band, and featured some of the stalwarts of the RDF line-up, who had left the fold recently. But, that, as they say, is another story.

John never made it home again, but had been ‘taken by London’, having a baby- Oska- there in 1996. He also did another project band called ‘Less?’ in London from 98-2001, which would have importance for the rebooted AOS3 later.

Colin kept performing with various acts including a stint in ‘Jesse’, a post- Leatherface band for Frankie Stubbs, as well as Sawn Off, Red Dervla and Riot/Clone.

Andy Brown was re-emerging around 1999 at various UK festivals, and was asked to join Tarantism on bass soon afterwards, and this ultimately led him to leave Sunderland and head South.

John left P.A.I.N. in 2001 after 7 years, and for a few years tried to ‘leave’ music entirely, which as any hard working musician will tell you, is about as easy as sawing off a leg. In 2004, John started jamming again, first with Kev P from Headjam and LESS?

Sam Goddard of Automator/ the Scuzzies/ Headjam joined them on bass a little later, they did a handful of gigs as ‘YourSpace MyTube’ around London.