Our first LP was ‘God’s Secret Agent’,had come about after Words of Warning, Welsh label, and home of many significant UK punk acts, had been in touch asking to release our material.

The LP came out in 93, and somehow, it got into the press- you could have knocked me down with a feather the day I bought Melody maker and saw there WAS a review of the LP in it! And a good review too- Thanks Virginia Black!

Keri left along with founder member Andy Brown, as gigs got more frequent, and we recruited Bill Radford from Bath band ‘The Ancient Ones’ to play Bass. We’d known Bill from running the Bluurg stall and mail order for Dick Lucas.

Fairly quickly after the first LP was released we started to visit Europe for gigs too. Gigs in Belgium and Holland followed, then further afield into Germany and Poland- we found in general the further we went from Home, the greater the reaction, and also, it was good not to be at home.

The last 2 years were spent gigging manically, averaging a good 100 gigs a year, and at the end of 1994 we were putting the finishing touches to the second LP ‘Diversionary Tactics’, which we deliberately made a harder and less spaced out affair. Frankie Stubbs did the engineering. We went to the pub a lot. I mean, a LOT.

At the end of 94 we were burned out- after a glorious summer European tour with Citizen Fish and Bender around Europe for 4 weeks, the true highest point of AOS3 mark 1 in retrospect, and then a fairly disastrous UK tour at xmas, with poor ticket sales and publicity- which proved the final straw for most people.

In fairness, by then, we were all tour mad, and sick of the sight of each other. Before the tour was over various people were announcing that they were moving on, and after considering options sadly, it was agreed that for the time being, that would have to be that.

Musical Differences? Perhaps, but also just how much time can you really spend stinking in the back of vans with other sex crazed drug fiends?

So AOS3 died first time on Dec 23rd 1994 at a poorly attended gig in Liverpool, or so the legend goes. Add up the digits in 1994- so it goes.

The 2nd LP was not even released yet, in fact, the last thing the band did was to finish recording and mixing the 2nd LP even though we were breaking up- the LP would be released by Inna State records in Bristol in August 95.